Be Aware Of Consequences

Mara activity makes situations worse.
Mara: demonic consciousness (Sanskrit).

Being aware of consequences,
we are no longer be surprised.

Mara lies in ambush in all our minds, looking for weaknesses in others and exploiting them. Mara mentality uses natural differences, exaggerating them to divide and conquer. Always look at the sequences of events that lead up to a situation, and the compound after-effects. Be aware of misdirection and redirection.

Has the world gone back to where it was before the destruction of the twin towers in 2001, or the banking crisis in 2008, or the Arab Spring in 2010? No; there have been massive repercussions to all these events. The older generation is blamed for climate change. Covid-19 is now called ‘Boomer Remover’ by the young (‘baby boomers’ were children born just after world war 2, so there are a lot of us about!)

The outcome of Mara activity is always the same; over-reaction and aggression.

We all have demonic forces within our mind when we succumb to likes and dislikes. The hidden hand of Mara creates hopes and fears. Be aware, and don’t be surprised.

The only thing that we can control is our own mind. We do that by knowing the essence of mind, which is pure consciousness, and recognising whatever obscures this. We are controlled by being wound up = wounded.

In troubled times, be full of understanding, empathy and compassion.
Awareness is self-healing.

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