Sensitivity Isn’t Irritation

Becoming spiritually sensitivity, we develop insight.
Becoming sensitive to our attachments, we develop irritation.

Trapped by our intellect and drowning in a reservoir of ideas about our self and our world, anyone who projects their view irritates us.

Insight is the ultimate witness of pure consciousness; our essential nature that feels and understands other energies. Do you know what? Even dogs know this! (watch the dog-whisperer Cesar Millan at work).

As a practitioner, we dedicate our life to consciousness, not the mind. Now, when we encounter others’ ideas, we merely recognise that that is the way that their consciousness sees. There isn’t anything to argue about or become irritated by.

Sensitivity is coming to one’s senses and just perceiving, noting and learning. People-whispering is like that – we can transfer consciousness!

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