Captivated By Perception

Through perception,
we are imprisoned by our clinging to a chain of concepts
while remaining unaware of that which is aware of perception.

It may sound strange, but we need to train in awareness.
Why do we need to do this?
It is our source of sanity – unbiased consciousness

Simply become aware of the sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch.
Note that there is no thought process involved at this stage.

Now become aware that there is awareness of this fact.
Still note that there is no thought process involved.

Resting in non-thought, awareness expands.
Maintaining this silence of awareness,
we note that there is nothing other than awareness.
We are now free of perceptions.

One more step – the key to freedom.
Seeing that there is nothing other than awareness,
the identification with a see-er drops away,
leaving pure awareness.

And that is what we truly are!
No longer captivated.

There is nothing grandiose about pure awareness, pure consciousness.
When we shut up and just listen, that is it.

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