Today’s Entertainment 😀

Meditation is resting in spirit.
The word ‘spirit’ means breath.
Resting in pure spirit (being undistracted) is pure consciousness.
That is what we are.

Our supreme reality is our pure consciousness.
We could call that ‘God consciousness’.
God is not a belief.
Belief is ignorance.

God is pure experience, pure realisation.
We realise that we are what we seek.
Truth is never, ever in a book.
Truth is in the experience and realisation of the word.

The graven image that we all worship
is a self-identity, a persona.
We place that in front of pure consciousness
and hold on tight.
It is this that causes us dissatisfaction and suffering.

The devil is hellbent on distracting us,
feeding off our reactions.
As long as we react, the devil is happy.

However – the devil doesn’t exist!
The devil is our own ego
… I … myself … me …. my likes and dislikes.

Become Buddhist and find God!

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