Are We Bat-Shit Nut-Jobs?


If so, don’t feel bad, as we’re all in the same bat-boat.

Mindfulness meditation is the bat-boat,
reminding us to be aware of our pure, non-bat-shit consciousness.
Once we arrive at the shore of pure consciousness,
we no longer need the bat-boat.

We can let go of the
bat-shit-boat full of nut-jobs.

We may all argue about this and that,
but to argue with fools is to become a fool.

To know we are a fool is to become wise.
To think we are wise practitioners
is to become fools again.

It’s a bat-shit nut-job world;
realising that, we are free in the moment of seeing.


We always have a choice –
stay in the boat …
or get out!

Bat-shit nut-job Bodhisattvas
choose to stay in the boat to guide it.

Where are they?
Look inside.

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