When Spiritual Practice Obscures Spiritual Practice

Does that sound strange?

We can become so involved in and dedicated to our routines that we easily miss the whole point of the teachings on pure consciousness.

Spiritual practices are just to remind us to rest in pure consciousness … and drop the practice: this is known as the completion stage. The real work lies in everyday encounters, with our conduct expressing itself in compassionate consciousness rather than merely going through the motions of practice mechanically.

People can do thousands of practices and prostrations (been there, done that) and still be obnoxious (been there, done that). It’s all because we got hold of the wrong end of the stick (like everyone else). 😀 You’ve heard the term “Ship of Fools”, which comes from Plato’s Republic and is about a ship with a dysfunctional crew. Hieronymus Bosch depicts this theme so well in his paintings, and Chogyam Trungpa wrote a instructive book called, “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism”.

If we are following others, we need to know where they’re going – and whether we actually want to go there. We start our genuine journey by acknowledging that we are the problem. When we dissolve those problems – which generate a feeling of me and mine – our routine becomes one of true compassion.

True spiritual practice
enlightens consciousness with a sense of well being.

We realise that we’re absolutely nothing special,
which allows others to experience their own space.







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