Never Exaggerate Evil Or Joy

The Joy Of Seeing Evil

These two concepts ‘evil’ and ‘joy’ may seem distant from our experience as we might think that only bad people are evil, and only holy people have joy. This isn’t so! In fact, the promotion of this misunderstanding is evil in itself.

Evil is anything that hides the truth about our true reality, while joy is to rejoice, to experience triumph and satisfaction. Completing an action or solving a problem is satisfying, which results in joy. Wanting or expecting goose-pimple euphoria is a pipe dream. Likewise, evil is the wanting and expectation which means that we do not recognise the inner joy already present.

As you can see, there are many levels of understanding of these two words. As long as we are led to believe in mystery, we will remain deluded. There is no mystery; the magicians have merely conjured up an illusion so that we do not recognise our origin, pure and simple.

Even meditation can become a obstacle if we only want to feel nice, instead of waking up to the realisation of our true reality.

The joy of seeing evil lies in the recognition of arisings in the mind which distract us. In this way, we are released.

‘I’ does not exist.
Before ‘I’ is pure consciousness.

Just stop.
Remain silent ā€¦ and there you truly are.
Experience the joy of realisation.

Now, know evil can obscure this reality.
Now, no evil can obscure this reality.



Evil: harmfulĀ or tending to harm. (hides truth, because truth is our reality).

Joy: fromĀ Old FrenchĀ joie,Ā basedĀ onĀ LatinĀ gaudium, fromĀ gaudereĀ ā€˜rejoiceā€™. (triumph/satisfaction)

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