Dealing With Others’ Karma …
… is dealing with our own karma

Once we recognise our own karmic tendencies, this affects our behaviour (the product stored in the mind from our past reactions), and then we can start to recognise what drives others. It is here that either empathy or manipulation arise. Meeting of minds are educational and inspirational, and are our path to enlightenment … or hell 😀

We all want to benefit others and cause no harm, but we have to be skilful in this matter. We need to watch, listen and speak carefully, without exaggerating or escalating the situation. A non-judgemental space or atmosphere can release us from our karma. This is purifying, returning and resting within our original, pure state of conscious being.

Karma: where would we be without it?

Just feel the love!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thought is recycling data we already have.


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