What Do We Value Most?
Turning the mind to reality.

If we choose money, power, football, family, friends, freedom, God, religion, science, nature … the question then arises, “What is it that values these things?”

Most will simply say, “I do”, and that’s that, but the conjuring up of desires is our dream state. This dream state arose because consciousness identified with objects and ideas rather than the origin of recognition. We are trapped in our illusion through ignorance of our true reality.

The answer must be consciousness for, without consciousness, these things and ideas would not be known. When we value consciousness, everything changes. We now see consciousness in everything, because consciousness is the reality of the observation. Everything becomes brighter – literally.

There is more.
When investigated, the very essence of consciousness is clarity and pure vision, free of human intrigue. Thus, we do not have to be scholars, academics, gurus or saints. We can be what we originally are. Now, everything makes sense because we see that whatever we value obscures this pure vision beyond intellect. This isn’t something holy or religious – it’s a fact!

Nothing compares to the joy of realising consciousness, which is free of limiting ideas. Everything is now a plaything, a toy – but then, we recognise how much others suffer for their dreams. Consciousness becomes the compassionate bridge over troubled, muddy waters!

Consciousness is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Gratitude is enabled, leading to stillness.

Recognising consciousness restores inspiration on the path.

Walking towards death, I fear nothing; clarity and compassion comfort me.

Karma prepares a table of abundance in the presence of adversity.

Goodness and inspiration present themselves, dwelling in pure consciousness forever.

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2 Responses to WHAT DO WE VALUE MOST?

  1. Ken says:

    Learning what not to value reveals that which we value, thus one cannot exist without “other”
    How could could one know what it values without first knowing what it doesn’t value? Thus, the process of life is perfect in its seeming mistake ridden imperfection, a continual process of dis-covering what’s always been HERE. Enlight-enment (the action of removing dimness/blindness) is not a process of becoming something you’ve never been, rather, a returning to or re-cognizing what you’ve always been. IMHO

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