Our Manual For Life Is Our Karma

Karma is the book of memories in our mind that is the result of causes. It affects our behaviour and so, our life. Everything that happens in our thoughts and actions is due to this library of past experiences, both good and not so good. Feelings that come up are a product of the past and, if we hold on to them, we’ll get more of the same. This is our Samsaric existence; we go round in circles.

We are here to read this book of memories and learn from it, erasing the effects that are causing us pain. We all carry wounds from our past; it’s time to heal those wounds by being aware of our reactions to everything, thereby not re-enacting. It is simple but takes discipline, and it’s this that we have to practice – to stop being us, this baggage of mental pictures.

We break out of this riddle of confusion by going into neutral, just being aware and conscious. This is being skilful and intelligent. In the moment now – pure consciousness – we are not being us; we are just consciousness, with nothing being written or laid down. It’s a relief to let ourselves go. 😀

There may be the thought, “My memories are important to me.” Being aware doesn’t mean we don’t remember: we just don’t smother our life (and that of others) with our preconceived ideas, however righteous. Pure consciousness is a fresh approach to life where seeing is instructive, educational, life changing and enlightening.

We are the book of life.
It has been individually written by us.
Now is the time to do some editing,
instead of head hitting!


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