The Practice Of Meditation = Clarity And Calm

Meditation brings about a simpler way of life that is satisfying; we do not succumb to the collective hopes and fears. Through clarity and calmness we see what is happening – and the consequences.

There is much in the world that divides people. Even if we could eliminate whatever we think is causing division, division will still remain. It’s what humans do, even though we call ourselves ‘social’ beings.

We may agree for five minutes, and then the divisions appear. There is no point in being disappointed or expecting anything else, as we all have different backgrounds and cultures. We just remain clear and calm, and from that view, we use whatever skills of empathy we have to deal with situations. Our countenance says more than words as it reflects how open or closed we are; an open face goes a long way towards healing.

There is a rightness about everything. When we complain about the traffic jam we’re part of, who are we going to blame? If we (consciousness) ignore consciousness, we will remain confused. By becoming involved, we are entangled in a sequence of events that must come to fruition.

Trungpa Rinpoche said, “When awaiting someone’s arrival, we aren’t waiting; we are just sitting.”

Enlightened beings come along to show us a way – a path – out of our confusion, but our salvation is up to us. It is we who have to become still and calm to see clearly and realise that our confusion never existed. We just reacted and became distracted, and were thus divided from our true nature.

Humans will run around trying to make things ‘right’ but this creates conditions for further sequences of division. The world is has a ‘rightness’ about it; if we ignore, we will be confused. Our true rightness is consciousness. Within consciousness is the clarity of calmness, and that is pure consciousness. The purpose of life is to realise this ultimate truth.

Enlightenment comes to fruition through sustained calmness and clarity arising from the sequence of realisations that lead to full enlightenment.

Or … we can stay in the traffic jam.
Actually, bodhisattvas do exactly that!

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  1. Ken says:

    Traffic jams are a perfect place to practice surrender/letting go and unconditional acceptance, time to BE, in silent observation.

    To complain about traffic is like complaining the sun rose on the wrong side of the sky, complain all you want, it will not change What IS, but only serve to make you miserable!

    You cannot bring about happiness by thinking unhappy thoughts, rather, by dropping them.

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