What Starts An Argument?

What starts an argument?
What ends an argument?
Recognising the effect of karma.

‘Karma’ is a Sanskrit word for our load of acquired ideas that affects our behaviour. In modern terms, it’s our programme ‘guide’, that runs and replays our entire life. It’s what makes us predictable.

When we fixate, we become intense. If meet someone who is also fixated, there is a clash of karma. The clash of ideasisn’t the problem; it’s the intensity that causes trouble as it transforms into a verbal weapon. Because we identify with our ideas so strongly, this build-up can explode at any moment when karma creates the perfect storm.

So what do we do?
Recognise what is happening, and wait. No reaction, no retaliation.
We rant when we see something as unjust. This is normal for human beings (and our chickens do the same thing!). Trying to put things right may even make things worse, because the whole situation then seems even more real, when it’s just about ideas. Holding on is hell.

We all just want to be heard.
The karma has to play itself out.
Merely wait.
Suddenly, we’ll wonder what the fuss was about.

Such trauma is very uncomfortable; it’s something that we don’t want to face, but it’s a special, cathartic moment of release.

Cathartic: early 17th century: via late Latin from Greek kathartikos, from katharsis ‘cleansing’. 

Demons are said to cause trouble for practitioners: we become more sensitive and pick up more, so we need to be skilful. It’s just a spiritual hazard. 😀

These clashes can feel like a demon attack. Demons are ego, and ego does not exist. They’re just a mental flare ups and, if that is so, then that is wisdom. In the very first instant of anger, the mind brightens and illumines. That is pure wisdom, before our demon sets in 😀 The same applies to all negative emotions.

We do not need antidotes:
we just need to see clearly to neutralise the effects.

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