Nature Has No Evil Intent

Nature has no evil intent.
Evil employs nature.

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  1. Ken says:

    Nature is the impartial Mother.
    She has no mind of her own.
    The healing properties of a plant don’t discriminate on who they heal, they just provide freely what they have to offer indiscriminately and refuse no one, if they heal great, if not great.
    From who does nature withhold its water, oxygen or food? Is man so arrogant that he exalts himself above that which he himself is dependent upon, even the Great Mother which birthed and sustains him? Such hubris! The effect can never usurp the Cause!

    Humanity would be wise to remember its a product of nature, dependent upon nature, and if you’ve forgotten this there is a very short & simple test to remind yourself; simply stop eating, drinking and breathing what nature provides and observe how you begin to feel, then take a breath and give thanks.

    Man didn’t create the water your drink, the air your breathe or the original plants and animals, no, first the system which is needed to sustain the creation must be in place, only then can that which it sustains come into creation, thus first there is nature, then there is humanity. Hence, humanity is dependent upon nature, if humanity ruins nature then humanity ruins itself, and nothing could be more ignorant than this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In seeking the truth we realise that, that truth is consciousness itself,
    for without consciousness nothing would be known.

    Meditation is the vehicle to realise the non-duality of pure consciousness.

    Once realised then all fixations and negative emotions are clearly seen
    and become an instant reminder of our perfect state.
    Our karma becomes our perfect teacher.

    If anyone wishes to discuss concerns feel free to write to:


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