Two Ways To Survive

View No 1: in order to live, we have to learn how to survive.
View No 2: is survival enough? 

Our whole life may be taken up by surviving, and then enjoying life, which adds ‘value’ to our surviving. This type of survival is merely keeping up with cultural ideals, believing that material things will make us happy and that that is the only way to live. 

A spiritual view of survival, on the other hand, is having enough time and space to trace and retrace the essence of our reality, the heart of consciousness itself. We know when we have enough, materially and mentally.

When consciousness forgets its essence of purity, it sets about creating an interesting self and life, which we simply don’t notice, as we acquired cultural ideals (things to aim for) very soon after birth.

The outer view of surviving; we acquire others’ understanding.
The inner view of surviving; we no longer need what others need.

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