Your Self Is Your Teacher

It’s all you really have.

Be happy with your self. It will teach you all you need to know about attaining the realisation of the essence of mind – consciousness. This self is our mind’s biased cognisance, our bundles of fixated ideas to which consciousness clings. This what we have to learn about by simply seeing. We don’t need to be scholars. 

Pleasant times, unpleasant times … self is always there, referring, judging and reacting. But that is not us. We are the conscious awareness watching this behaviour; “There I go again.” This behaviour is our karma, which is teaching us something about our mental entrapment. 

If consciousness identifies with its bundles of ideas, it becomes that bundle of ideas. This is the creation of self. When we experience pleasant times or unpleasant times and identify with the bundle of self-beliefs, we feel good or bad, like or dislike, attracted or repulsed. We can now be manipulated.

If, on the other hand, consciousness does not identify with whatever appears in the mind, consciousness (our true reality) is released, achieving clarity. That is the realisation of our true nature of pure consciousness. Pleasant times and unpleasant times become of one taste – just experience.

This self is our karma that controls our behaviour. 
Watching this behaviour is pure consciousness.
Our behaviour tells us all we need to know:
that knowingness/awareness/consciousness is present,
and that we do not need stay in this self-entrapment.

We’ve always been told to “believe in yourself” … 
it would be better to know thy self!

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