Don’t Take Your Self To Seriously

It makes life happier.

We become self-obsessed due to the set of ideas we’ve acquired. Clinging to this collection creates an I, an ego. The more we cling to ideas and beliefs, the more egocentric we become, the more narcissistic we become, the less empathetic we become.

We are individual pure consciousness. Believing we are part of a collective consciousness gives rise to inner conflict. Feeling ‘split’ is the foundation of either mental illness or enlightenment: there’s a very fine line between sanity and insanity. Once we take sides, it’s very difficult to know the complete truth. We need to be able to see both sides as one, and that is the key to non-duality. Appearances and recognition are simultaneous.

We are a mess because we take our self (our side) too seriously. We ignore the fact that we actually have individual experience which is conscious awareness; life itself. That is significant. Life itself – conscious awareness – comes way, way, way, before whatever we acquire and develop into an idea.

This self identity became important to us in order to shine within the collective. We are proud of it … and so are the other inmates. We hope our projection makes people think well of us, and we prefer this projection to our true reality of emptiness – uncontaminated consciousness. As humans, we believe that we – and what we do – is important, while it is the first moment of conscious awareness that is the key to sanity. But even that cannot be taken seriously as to do so would still be an idea. Our reality is way, way, way beyond that – and it’s nothing special. We are all ordinary pure consciousness – and “nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about …”

Watching is meditation. In watching – being consciously aware – we realise that there is no self. Who are we? We are pure seeing. Meditation ‘seeing’ pierces the illusion of a self. There is merely observation without an observer – but we have to actually do it to see (‘doing’ is sitting, seeing, dropping all reactions and expectations).

If we keep complaining about others, 
we may miss the thin line between sanity and insanity. 

Life is significant, but we are not significant. 
We/self is a personalised addiction, 
while the source of life is consciousness. 

When consciousness looks at itself, a self cannot be found. 
There is only watching. 
We are whom we seek.

Not taking our self too seriously,
we can have more fun
as there are no limits.

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