Ignorance: Oblivious To Primary Experience 

So what? I’ve got things to do!”

And there we have it. Instead of being, we have become. Through being ‘managed’ by karma, we fail to notice that we are being distracted … all the time because, at any moment, we can wake up. It’s that crucial. We live on a knife edge of reality and non-reality.

When we slow down … “I can’t slow down … things to do!” … we allow pure experience to take place, seeing the reflections in our mind that teach us simply to appreciate life without expectations.

Being speedy, busy and ‘justified’, our life dwindles away; our potential of wisdom fades, and so we live in a sitcom.

Sitcom: The term sitcom derives from the words ‘situation comedy’. This entertainment is a show that entails a regular cast of characters in a sequence of episodes in the same location. A sitcom is a make-believe.

When we look closely at our sit-com, we actually see a sit-tragedy. In order to be funny, things have to go wrong. This is interesting and addictive, and becomes our life’s routine. We play the same role until death do us part.

In the primary experience of knowingness, there is no regular part to play: there is merely an ever present, fresh view. Every day, we can either renew our vows or divorce: in this way, life is no longer a habitual act. We chose at every moment to review our sit-uation.

Ignoring our potential, 
we live in a conditioned hell.

Acknowledging our potential, 
we live in the perpetuity of love. 

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