Can You See Anything Better?

We are the pure light of consciousness, the pure light of clarity. It is that which sees and can know. When we forget, ignore, aren’t bothered or become indifferent to this pure light, all that is left is ordinary consciousness that functions only on a personal survival level and has very little insight. 

This is actually reptilian brain mode of flight, fight or freeze. It’s why we go shopping instead of knowing what we are. We hunt for a bargain or a philosophy; we judge whether to pounce or not, and we ignore the warning signs of obsession. 😀

It is because of forgetfulness that we only attend to mundane things, and this pure light becomes obscured, dimmed, not clear. The more we ignore our inner light of consciousness, the darker we our mind becomes because we ignore life itself.

The ‘normal’ for people is only to be concerned with the mundane, arguing about this and that in dark corners. Until something wakes us up and we question, we will continue to walk in darkness. The more we become lost in thoughts, ideas and elaborations, the further into the dream world we go, and the more vulnerable, touchy and emotional – even hostile – we become. 

What wakes us up? 

The shock of realising that what we and others have been doing causes doubt, confusion and dissatisfaction.

Life is too short to pretend, speculate, philosophise and have theories about our reality.
The victorious ones who realised enlightenment stated clearly how and what we are. We are the clear light of bliss, a state of perfect happiness which is the release from suffering.

The light is goodness because it sees clearly, directly, and with insight. It is insight that sees the same potential wisdom within others. That insight is love, and compassion now arises through empathy. 

Even if you think that this is all made up, 
can you see anything better?

Truth is a complete circle. 
It starts at self, 
moves away from self, 
and returns to self.

Realisation is complete self-knowledge.
What could be more perfect than this?

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