What’s The Point?

Asking what is the point is the important question.

What is the point of studying spirituality? The point is to know our own mind, and how and why it works in a certain way. This understanding is the healing necessary to break the cycle of doubt and confusion. Once our mind is clear, it can never be controlled again, and no one can pull the wool over how we see.

It is psychology that runs the world.
But who is fooling who?

Ordinary psychology studies the mind. Spiritual psychology studies both the mind and the essence of mind. When we know why and how our mind works in a certain way, we realise there is ‘something else’ present.

That something else is consciousness, and the essence of consciousness is purity – god-hood or buddha-hood or primordial self-hood … 

Ordinary psychology cannot realise that something else: it wants us to identify with the contents of the mind placed there by our own acquisition. When we do not know our mind, someone else does! The point of spiritual endeavour is to realise our true nature: what makes us tick and what stops us seeing the ticking.

Spirituality is definitely not about following a formula, a dogma, a ritual, a belief – and being bound. We do this in ordinary life already! Spirituality is about seeing, and what is seen.

We are looking into our own mind and taking back control, seeing through the mind with insight.

If we just turn up to go through a routine without seeing our own mind at work … 
… who is fooling who?

Spiritual psychology is complete healing.

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