Original Sin

The origin of sin is the denial of the origin of truth.
Original truth is that we are pure consciousness.

The origin of sin is to ignore pure consciousness in favour of being conscious. Being conscious downgrades consciousness into a watcher by ignoring our first, spontaneous nature: this watcher is a self-created identity clinging to likes and dislikes – a second nature. 

Our first nature is seeing. 
Our second nature is judging whatever is seen, 
giving rise to likes and dislikes.

Why is this so important?
Our second nature created both
God (judgement) and the Devil (likes and dislikes).

We might assume that, if there is a creation, there must be a creator when, in fact, the universe is just doing its thing, subject to attraction and repulsion. Suns – through perpetual action, reaction and inaction – set in motion movement/energy that changes matter and attracts life – and so, consciousness. When a sun dies, its repulsion creates more movement/energy and matter changes in an infinite beginning-less universe.

By ignoring consciousness, we have not ‘sinned’; we are merely mistaken. If, however, we hold on to those mistakes – consciously or unconsciously – we mislead.

Convincing people to believe in a creator manipulated humanity to avoid looking within, and thus realise that we are the truth we seek. In this way, the creators and interpreters have caused immense harm to the world.

The greatest trick ever played on humanity was to believe in a God and a Devil out there that never existed.

As long as we believe in something ‘out there’, 
we will never look within. 

Original sin is the denial of original truth.

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