Dumbing Down Of The World

The great devolution:
If we don’t see it, we are part of its structure.

‘Dumbing down’ is the deliberate oversimplification of intellectual content in education, literature, religion, news, music and films. Have you heard what’s playing on the radio and in shops? Mindless chatter and music! Dumbing down involves the lowering of critical thought by undermining language, thus trivialising meaningful information in favour of a “popular culture”. Resetting of the world order is a constant theme in history. Remember the word deliberate.

If we think this virus is bad, just consider the intellectual viruses spread throughout history to scare us into dark corners. This realisation should shock us into waking up but, unfortunately, it doesn’t because we lack clarity and insight into consequences.

We are pure consciousness, 
but have abdicated that power
because it’s easier to follow than to investigate.

When we realise that we are pure consciousness,
we can live happily in a dumbed down world
precisely because we don’t believe any of it.
Everything becomes a joke 😀

Spiritual practice: realise that which sees the joke.

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