Truth Is Challenging To Our Programmed Mind

Our mind is full of ideas: we want to know the truth, but cannot find it. The problem is actually recognising it when it is presented, and we have to know the difference between relative truth and absolute truth.

Only wanting to know the truth about things is our relative relationship to things, and we go astray from absolute truth. We become people with answers about the relative things to which we relate. As long as we only look at ideas about things, it will be impossible to realise absolute truth.

The truth is in the seeing. It asks, “What is that?” and “What is its effect?”
It is awareness – pure awareness – that is the truth. It’s what we are – absolute truth.

Pure awareness or consciousness comes first. 
It’s how we know!

What we know is relative truth, 
and we won’t give that up easily
as we are programmed to relate. 

The moment we are aware of awareness, 
the programme stops, and we (consciousness) are free.

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