It’s Not A Matter Of What We Know

It’s not a matter of what we know;
it’s how we are that is important.

We can know all sorts of things about things, but what counts in life is realised contentment. Which do we consider to be superior?

When we are content within,
we know enough.
We are clear of confusion.

If there are ‘aliens’, who would they want to contact? The military, the gullible, or spiritual adepts? This will depend on what sort of ‘aliens’ they are 🙂

As yet, no spiritual adept has claimed to have been visited by ‘aliens’.

At the end of life, how we are is important. What we know, how much wealth we have acquired or whether our people are winning are idiotic Samsaric aims. What is important is whatever is understood, experienced and realised. In other words, realised contentment.

Are we expanding love through empathy and compassion,
or are we restricting it?

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