Am I Writing Too Much?!

Yes. It’s true.

This does create the problem of having so much to read through –
but you don’t have to: it’s all in any one article,
and hopefully, questions will arise.

Teachings are only about realising what is pure, and what is impure.
As we ascend the levels, that which we thought was impure becomes pure.

The important point to realise is that we are not out to achieve purity; we are already pure. The teachings are about recognising this fact, and recognising whatever is covering it up. Enlightenment is actually a cover-up story, and we are the detectives-scientists-psychologists uncovering the truth that has always been present for us to see.

Every day, I think, “Should this be published, or is it too intense?” In reality, while there is nothing to say about our absolute nature, there is much to say about the subtleties that obscure it.

We hear, see and read about occurrences, and this ‘news’ entices us, lures us, occupies us, distracts us, gets us to react … and that restricts our potential. It is this which we should be most concerned about. The intelligent universe is sad about humanity. When we see this devolution, it should shock, but we don’t see it, as we are too involved in laughing at others. We aren’t living our life; we are living one made for us, and one that we pay for.

Never feel guilty about being drawn into this trap! We are all in it, and are brainwashed into conforming to limited standards – even in spirituality. Recognising the truth and realising it are not the same thing: we may read true sayings, but are we actually living them? Have they changed our behaviour? Do we have genuine, unshakeable confidence that even a Buddha cannot disturb?

The worse the world becomes, the more the shock – and the greater the realisation.
Until perfect enlightenment, we will have doubts.

I am 74 years of age and have received 50 years of teachings, most of which were merely elaborations giving rise to a culture that keeps people in spiritual poverty.

Realising inner instructions,
we are inspired to share.

Don’t collect the teachings.
Be the teachings.

Essence is simplicity itself.

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