100% Sure There Is No Reincarnation?

If we are absolutely 100% certain that there is no reincarnation, what are we doing with this absolutely one-time life?

If, however, we consider that there may be even a 0.005% possibility of some sort of existence after death, this will change our entire life, because now there may be consequences to our actions and thoughts.

No one says that we must believe in reincarnation. I don’t … but I’m open to that aspect of our being. Intelligence is about being open to possibilities. A lack of intelligence is being closed to possibilities – and there’s a lot of that around 🙂 When we are actually involved in investigation, we don’t have to believe in anything; that would be ridiculous.

To realise the truth, we have to face the truth about our own psychology, and that isn’t what ego wants to do: “If I can find something that is impossible to verify, I can keep on being entertained.”

Until we can sit in silence and tame our mind,
we will remain deluded.

Who sees possibilities becomes free!

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