Thoughts And Thinking

Thinking is not the same as already having pre-existing thoughts. Thoughts are the fixations which cloud our minds and are our evil jailer. We need a shock to wake us up in order to be free.

The Buddha said that the first noble truth is to recognise that we suffer. People focus on the word ‘suffer “Oh, Buddhism is all about suffering!” – when they should be focusing on the word ‘recognise‘ for, without that recognition, we wouldn’t see the need for change.

Thoughts are what we have.
Thinking is what we do about the thoughts.

The Buddha was shocked to see old age, sickness and death; we all need a shock to break out of our illusion.

When we obsess or rely on thoughts about the word ‘suffering’, we exaggerate the image of suffering and conclude that, “Yes, there is suffering, but I get by.” This transference back to thoughts misdirects us, and we no longer see what our tricky mind is doing.

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  1. Ken says:

    Conditioned From The Start

    Open up your mind
    Willing to change your thought
    All that you believe
    Is just what you were taught
    Condition from the start
    Rules, dogma and fear
    The controlling force of the world
    Yes, born and bred to scare
    Stop and sit in silence
    Not listening to your mind
    And you will find true freedom
    Able to leave the lies behind
    Ask yourself some questions
    Search for truth in thought
    You answer questions with questions
    In the lies then you won’t get caught

  2. Ken says:

    A Day Of Reflection Take

    A day of reflection take
    Observe your thoughts from afar
    You create your own suffering
    When you’re stuck to them like tar

    Why do you think what you think?
    Who is creating your thoughts?
    Where do your thoughts originate?
    How is it in them you get caught?

    Attached to time is the mind
    But past and future are illusion
    Your attachment to the unreal
    Is the minds greatest delusion

    What happened is not happening
    But only in the mind’s eye
    A projection on movie screen
    Don’t buy into this lie

    Put your thoughts aside
    Observe them from behind
    You needn’t be tethered to them
    For you are not the mind

    Thoughts coming & going
    Identity grabs and conceives
    Awareness simply observes them
    Not attached just perceives

    Truth found through inquiry
    Silent answers heard within
    Know thyself completely
    In light then life you may begin

    Ask your being some questions
    In the past now am I?
    In the future now am I?
    No, only now do I clearly see!

    The past no more is
    Change it you cannot
    Why waste the present there?
    Accept what is, not what is not

    For all of man’s suffering is
    Created himself from within
    Identifying with the mind’s delusions
    False selves create his greatest sins

    When one dwells within the now
    Ever present moment of eternity
    Free from attachment to the past
    One rest’s in peaceful certainty

    So next time you’re feeling down
    Thoughts of sorrow that last
    Never forget now you’re present
    Only those thoughts are in the past

    Give them not your energy
    For thoughts can ruin your life
    If you let them control you
    They keep you in fear and strife

    Start each day a new
    Empty of thoughts of past
    For now is all life gives you
    And true presence eternally lasts

    So, in this simple poem
    As you read between the lines
    Be present in your presence now
    For there is no such thing as time!

    • tony says:

      Hello Ken,

      Years ago it was brought to my attention that I’d engaged in idiot meditation for about 25 years, just sitting there waiting – like many others. I was angry at this news.

      It wasn’t until receiving ‘the pointing out instruction on the nature of mind’ that I realised, “Is that all? That’s a piece of cake! What have we been doing?!”

      Clearly seen, few see it. With clarity comes sadness, and that sadness is love.

      This is where empathetic compassion comes in, and that isn’t a piece of cake.

      In our conduct or attitude towards others, we have to drop our self. We constantly need reminding that our interactions are a perfect practice of compassion, and that can be challenging.

      How we relate to others concerns the compassionate activity of the six perfections. This is our actual path to enlightenment, through generosity, patience, discipline, morality, concentration and transcendent knowledge.

      There are no clever answers to acquire. We each have to honestly question our own mind and motivation. True communication is rare, as few realise we are all in the same dream boat.


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