Clearly Seen; Few See It

Clearly seen: pure consciousness just sees. It doesn’t do anything.
Few see it: because we’d rather do something.

Realisation isn’t something fabricated.

Realisation is disappointing … “Is that all there is?”
If you met me, you’d be disappointed … “He’s a bit ordinary.”

We are so used to associating the words ‘pure consciousness’ with a person of ‘importance’ that we fail to see that we are pure consciousness, ordinary and uncomplicated.

What’s the point of realisation?
We gain confidence in what is truth and what isn’t truth. That confidence brings relief of realising that we have always been happy, and that we no longer have to be clever or impressive. We are just pure consciousness embodied in a karmic form of confusion and unsophistication.

With realisation comes the sadness that others do not realise that they too are happy. We have been taught to want to better ourselves, which creates the conditions for unhappiness and intolerance.

What do we do with this realisation?
We earn just enough money to keep this body and mind in good condition, to have time and space to lead a contemplative life, free of fear and hope – and perhaps to pass on what we have learnt before we pass on 🙂

“We have always been free in the moment of seeing.”

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