The Ultimate Prize Is Consciousness 

Consciousness is either your prize,
or the prize of influencers.

When we realise consciousness, we realise that we are nothing other than consciousness. If we do not realise that we are consciousness, we will simply become the prize of others. In this way, society is divided, with those who argue about this and that, and those who watch the dance between influencers and the influenced.

Confusion is rampant.
Compliance is rampant.
Complacency is rampant.
Misleading media is rampant.
Normalising restrictions are rampant.
Division is rampant.

It is only through meditation that the mind becomes clear and free of bias, together with a proper understanding of the nature of everything. That clear seeing is pure consciousness.

Evil normalises restrictions so that the collective does not notice. We need a reason to be free, and this is it! Evil has always prized capturing and feeding off consciousness. If we tell a joke, we want people to laugh. If we promote incomplete truths or lies, we want people to believe us.

But if we tell the truth, don’t want people to believe us … we want them to know.

The ultimate prize is enlightenment.
Why settle for anything less?

In settling for less, we become entangled in constructs.

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