Ignorance Is Encouraged

We are encouraged to ignore our true reality of pure wisdom. Once we realise this however, this ‘encouragement’ becomes our guide, reminding us of what we are, rather than what we have been led to believe that we are. When investigated, we find we are wisdom beings embodied in a dream-like human form. This consciousness isn’t just an organ of perception; it is life force itself. The falsehood is that we are ‘encouraged’ to identify with whatever we perceive. That is the deception.

The dream-team of the dream-machine walks a thin line between falsehoods and truth, and it is this that has caused confusion in our mind. Unfortunately, religion does the very same thing on the exoteric level – we are expected to believe rather than know.

The more we dream, the more we sleep.
The more we see, the more we awaken.

Sleep is temporary.
Wakefulness is permanent.

So the more we are manipulated,
the clearer the guidance.

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