Unless We Actually Practise …

Unless we actually practise looking into our mind rather than just sitting still,
we will never realise the truth
that pure awareness is constantly present.

Truth cannot be found by talking or reading about it.

In meditation, there is a moment of doubt:
“Is this pure consciousness, or isn’t it?”

That doubt comes from the thinking mind,
while awareness/consciousness is present
simply doing nothing.

We may find that we oscillate between “Is it?” and “Isn’t it?”.
Just let it all be.

The pure experience is that feeling of limbo
– an uncertain boundary –
and that intermediate state is it!

Rest there.
That’s it.

The chattering mind, however, may want more proof.
This is where study is now relevant,
to give us confidence that that is indeed it.

Practise first, study after.
If we study first, this will flavour the practice with expectations.

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