Our Mission Chooses Us

If our intention is to discover our true reality, that motivation attracts empathy and inspiration. Likewise, if our intention is to gain over others, that motivation attracts empathy and inspiration – of another kind.

Do we find our teachers, or do our teachers find us?

Life can take some very strange twists and turns, causing our path to change direction. Events become serendipitous – being beneficial to our intention – but where we finally end up depends on our motivation.

When old opportunities wear themselves out and new opportunities are presented, our motivation can become vulnerable. Making the most out of opportunities can be perilous if we are too enthusiastic.

The conundrum:
new situations may be used either for benefit or harm.

If our intention is self-orientated, we will utilise new opportunities.
If our intention is selfless, we will utilise new opportunities.

How we respond is an indication of which path we are on.
Every moment we attract something;
our teachers come in many forms.

Is there any evidence of attraction?
Well, it’s in the way that we see.
The attraction from selfless motivation is that we see everything as an expansion of love.
The attraction from selfish motivation is that we see everything as something to gain.

Do we see the universe as fragmented or as a unity?

When we pray, we speak and the universe listens in silence.
When we meditate, we listen and the universe speaks in silence.

The universe speaks in principles of pure, conscious compassion.
When these are ignored, those same principles transform into
desire, aversion and ignorance.

Blow your mind today … now … by paying attention.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Goodmoring Tony,

    The other day I decided to count the number of pointing-out instructions you provided in this blog since its conception. After a couple of hours endless counting, I decided to stop. Light everywhere!

    Buddhinthemud is a true Fountain of light. A Lighthouse in ever darkening times.

    Thank you Tony and Kathie for your ongoing dedication showing the path.

    Kind regards, Marcel

    • tony says:

      Hello Marcel,
      That was a very kind thing to say, we appreciate it.

      How are you doing? You can reply on the other email address if you like.


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