Meditation Takes No Time

Time does not exist in meditation.
Time only exists when we are involved in mind and body.

Until we come to rest in timeless awareness beyond memories, we will always be relating to things. That is time-consuming. Our mind habitually asks, “What about this and that?” and off we go, back into time-relating mode. In this way, we lose our sanity. Sanity isn’t about how we think: it’s about how we see before we think.

The result of this precious meditation practice is that we keep our sanity, and don’t become lost in speculations. The uninitiated will react and claim that we have to ‘do things’, using up time. They see non-duality and meditation merely as vacancy because they haven’t tried it – or tried it properly. They cannot get it into their heads that meditation is no big deal; it is simplicity itself.

It is this simplicity that views everything,
and is never carried away.

Once we experience peace of mind,
that glimpse gradually becomes more familiar,
and is recognised as our home.

That is the ultimate sanity.

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  1. Mark says:

    Really nice piece- I agree that when we truly meditate, it allows us to see things for what they really are rather than via our own internal narrative which is most often clouded by our past experience.

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