How To Meditate All Day Long, And Not ‘Meditate’

It’s quite simple.
Don’t wander.

Just be at one with any situation.
Trite, but true – unremarkable in a remarkable way.

We go about our day as usual, and experience everything we see, hear, taste, touch and smell – whatever comes our way. The senses are non-conceptual, ie there is no thinking involved. Don’t assume that if we are seeing etc, we are thinking. We’re not. That is a very important point to understand, before we become attached to sensuality, or mentally wander off.

In the first moment of experiencing, pure consciousness is already present, so it’s unremarkable. What is remarkable? Noticing this.

Within pure consciousness, we can still do what we have to do, but thinking isn’t required unless we are considering something. We are just being mindful, and only judge when it is necessary in order to accomplish anything. When our senses are open and clear, we’re guided by conditions.

If we over-judge or over-think something, we are projecting and adding to it, making life more complicated for ourselves. The opposite of being occupied in this way is vacancy or indifference, where we are unaware.

When we become aware of either being occupied by thoughts or being vacant, there is no need to feel guilty as we all do this. In the moment of recognition, we are actually free. That is being mindful, being aware of our likes and dislikes. If judgement is needed, we review, breaking the habitual chain reaction of commenting and judging everything all day long, as many of those judgements are trivial, but still imprison us.

Over-reaction becomes a way of life – and a waste of a life.
Give yourself a break.
Stop wandering.

If we fixate about meditation, that isn’t meditation. That’s expectation, and far too serious in its desire for the remarkable. When we stop obsessing, life becomes fun. It may not seem perfect, but it is – in its own way. We are undoing our own confusion, rather than the confusion of others.

When we meditate without meditating, life opens up in positive ways as we can read between the lines.

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