Right Time, Right Connection

Connection: the relationship between something, and something else.

First, we have to be in the right place, mentally.

It is through the practice of sitting in stillness that we realise we do not have consciousness; we are consciousness that is immovable, stable and pure.

There is a relationship between this pure consciousness and whatever pure consciousness is conscious of. We discover that we cannot be what we see, and so what we see now serves as a reminder of what it is that is seeing. That is the powerful position we are in; we no longer believe that what we are seeing is the ultimate reality as it is impermanent, whereas that which sees never changes. This means that we are actually free of identifying with phenomena. That is real freedom, rather than being ‘free’ to do as we please.

Now comes the shock … the world in which we live not only ignores this irrefutable truth, but actively discourages it by inventing elaborate distractions. ‘Useful’ ideas are being created constantly – supposedly for our ‘welfare’ – in order to keep us connected to those elaborations.

When absurd things happen, we now know why – it’s to keep us distracted. Consciousness is being frozen into a dormant state of confusion. The basic distractions are fear and hope fuelled by our ignorance of our true nature of pure, compassionate consciousness. This ignorance reduces our ability to love.

We now realise that everyone else is also pure consciousness but does not know it. That is the reason love arises through wisdom. If we hurt someone, we hurt ourselves.

Connect to our ultimate reality,
rather than being connected to elaborations.

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  1. bwcarey says:

    the truth is hard to find, amen

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