How To Feel Good About Our Self

This self is a creation of the mind. When we look at our self, we are looking at our mind – but we are not this mind; we are mind essence of pure consciousness.

‘Self’ is another name for ‘karma’, and ‘karma’ is another name for ‘teacher’.

Love your self with all its faults, as those faults are showing us all we need to know to attain complete enlightenment. When we disguise our faults, we are not loving our self.

It’s like drawing: if we stand back, we see where we are mistaken, and make wonderful progress. So we’re not perfect – how wonderful to realise that. That is the perfection! Appearance and recognition are simultaneous.

However silly we may feel, we are nearer to enlightenment than those who think they are seriously intelligent. To knowwe are silly is preferable to not knowing we are silly.

We can live happily with our ignorance, because we are free in the moment of seeing our ignorance. Only then can we live happily with the ignorance of others, because we know how that feels.

Everyone will attain enlightenment in their own time.
Everyone will realise their true nature, eventually.

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