Living Knowledge

Living knowledge is the opposite to book knowledge, or to being told something. It is empirical experience perceived through the senses, and then reflected upon. Instead of our projecting on to a situation, the situation is telling ussomething and, due to our ability or level of unconditional compassion, we then address whatever is in front of us.

Living knowledge is magical, inspirational, challenging … and alive. There is no ‘we-are-supposed -to-do-or-think-this-or-that’, and we are free to be creative in a harmonious, unifying way.

Living knowledge is living wisdom. Life becomes fruitful, auspicious and less suspicious.
We no longer suspect that someone is mistaken as we know, through empathy, that this is the case – and we know that that will cause them suffering. We cannot change their view until they want to change, and so there are no surprises and no expectations.

The essence of wisdom is pure consciousness. It does nothing but observe. How that deals with the world (people) will depend on an individual’s level of experience, and their ability to rest in an unconditional way, without taking sides. If ‘push comes to shove’, then we’ll make a decision.

We are living knowledge.
Wisdom is reflected in our conduct.
If we are not living knowledge, then what are we?

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