The Planet Of Fear and Hope

We are governed by fear and hope. Can I go on holiday? Is it safe? Am I safe? Will life get back to normal? What is this new normal? What is the great reset? What is build back better? Is it to do with the new world order?

Fear and hope govern our mind, but the basis of these two negative emotions is ignorance or indifference to our actual reality rather than the one we have adopted.

If, through meditation, we only took the time to look and see, we would experience for ourselves the distractions and, in doing so, let go of them, revealing our true reality of pure consciousness, pure being.

If we are kept in the dark about our true reality, we can be led around in this darkness believing we are going towards the ‘light’ (freedom). All we have to do is realise that our life has never been ‘normal’. When people become anxious because life doesn’t feel right, the media/psychologists will happily lead us back to ‘that state that was never normal’, and round we go again.

You see, this all depends on
what the media/psychologists assume is normal.

Another word for hope and fear is ‘Samsara’,
which is this vicious cycle of existence
chasing after a false security and happiness.

All we have to do is look at our reactions, and we are free in that moment of seeing. Unfortunately, we don’t value that freedom because we are stuck in expectations that life should be a certain way, due to not knowing our true reality of clarity. We prefer to squabble by accepting or rejecting whatever we are told.

How do we deal with this squabbling?
By expanding the space of inner peace.

Sadly, this can be annoying to those with inner angst (fear),
so the inner peace of expansion has to remain in quiet love

In the immediate moment now,
we are alert to both dangers and potentials;
that is merely being aware.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Enough is enough!

    It’s a clown-show;
    It’s in your face and it’s getting ridiculous..

    Karmic pression is building up..

    by resisting to see the obvious
    by ignoring to face reality as it presents itself
    by refusing to wake-up and be free in the moment of seeing

    Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing!

    *Ridiculous: extremely silly or unreasonable : ABSURD, PREPOSTEROUS

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