Happiness Is Realising The Problem

When we know what the problem – any problem – is, we can then solve it through personal investigation of the causes behind that problem, until we arrive at the ultimate realisation.

The common problem behind it all is a ‘self’ identity that judges others through bias. Consciousness itself has no bias; it just sees. When the problem is known, there is no mystery, no fear.

Information is a belief and, if we continually adhere to information, we will therefore know nothing. When we put the information into practice, however, we know, having experienced the problem for ourselves in order to solve it.

For example:
If we are installing a shower in the bathroom, we read the instructions. There is no knowing taking place at this time. Once we begin to actually install the shower, we then find irregularities, and this is when we start learning and knowing. Having completed the job, we can then help others. If we get an expert to do the job for us, we pay for not knowing.

Likewise, in our spiritual life, there are thoughts and emotions that cause us problems; we may experience anxiety, stress, depression, confusion, worry. Having faced these conditions and realised their source, we may be able, through empathy, to be of benefit – and the more problems we encounter and address, the more we can listen to others with confidence and kindness, without judgement.

Spiritual engineers are able to adjust to all conditions.

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