Life Is A Memory

Life is memory,
except for the present moment
that goes by so quickly that we hardly catch it.
This is how we live; in a dream world.

Because life is a memory,
we are destined to repeat ourselves,
and so we are predictable.

Catching the present moment is a breath of fresh air,
revealing inspirational magic.

Memory is our mechanical backup plan;
it’s the plan we fall back on to recycle existence.
From Latin: exsistere, ‘to come into being’

This present moment is the foundation of the next.
That continuity is reincarnation
– the cycle of birth and death and rebirth.

In life, there are gaps or ‘deaths’.
These moments of empty clarity are where change can occur
as no memory is present.

While resting in emptiness,
there is nothing known other than knowingness itself.

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