There Are Two Sides To Every Story

Depending on our mindset, we lean towards one side or another – and even when we have taken a side, we find another side presents itself, and so on.

These are the yanas, the levels we transcend until we reach total satisfaction of enlightenment. Our life starts off with us being indoctrinated with mundane thoughts but, with the right motivation, the supramundane dawns.

At certain moments, conflicts arise, and associations do not fit any more; we can no longer conform to expectations, and find that understanding is incomplete (although it may still satisfy others). Our experience and the required conformity no longer match up, fuelled not only by what is implied, but also by what is omitted.

A separation occurs, but it is important to realise that those who think differently are not now the enemy. This is where empathy must come in. We know what effect believing in one side as opposed to another has on our mind. One is not superior to the other: we just have to look at things in a different light in order to complete the picture. Shiva, Buddha, Jesus were not saying different things – they all had light, but their emphasis was unique, and for that moment.

This isn’t merely about having a different opinion. We have genuinely outgrown what we previously adhered to. Those crutches just dropped away, and we now walk with a fresh confidence, and are happy!

Being independent, communication now relies upon seeing other sides to truly be of benefit to others, rather than being concerned with self-aggrandisement.

When we take sides, we alienate one another and become divided. That provides an opportunity for ego to arise, and evil to manifest. ‘Evil’ is ego, clinging to likes and dislikes. Evil is no big deal, but it does exert a hold on us, making us righteous and creating enemies. The more righteous we become, the more annoying we are 🙂

We are all good and evil, light and dark, positive and negative, objective and subjective, confused and wise.

The secret:
We are free in the moment of seeing.
– Tulku Urgyen, a Tibetan master.

Darkness is only possible
by the presence of light.
It’s all one.

When we cling to a side, we miss the whole point.
That’s what evil likes.

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