Self, Pure Consciousness, God; It’s All The Same

Self Is Pure Consciousness.
Pure consciousness is Self.
And God? Oh my God, we’re God

On a exoteric level, it is claimed that these are different,
and so we are divided.

On the esoteric level, they are the same,
and so we are a unity.

We become what we spend most time with.
Choose wisely.

Talking separates us.
True communication is in the silence of non-verbal, good company.

Silence is Ramana Maharshi’s highest teaching:
the mind is brought to silence.
It is not about doing anything.
It is not reacting mentally to anything.

Note: Self is not the same as my self.
Capitalised Self is original being.
Small character self is a mind construct.

Self = infinite mind.
self = small mind.

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