Sometimes, Things Don’t Seem Right Or Complete

This is intuition at work.

Most of us ignore our natural intuition in favour of second-hand information that we project onto whatever we see. This is never a complete picture.

Intuition is knowledge without conscious reasoning. It is insight or the ability to understand something instinctively, before information can be translated into a communicable form. It’s an intermediate state between thought-feelings and pure consciousness, and can lead to states of minor enlightenment.

Our path is realising the cause of our own confusion; only then may we be able to empathise with others rather than criticising them, as we understand how they are working. The very moment we recognise that our mind is confused is the moment of realisation that pure consciousness is present.

We have to keep consciousness alive through experience, rather than as a scholarly exercise. The real Dharma is something we experience for ourselves. Listening to intuition can take us further than whatever is being taught.

Intuition is the door knocker.
We could stand outside, discussing the colour of the knocker,
or we could actually knock, and the door opens.

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