Segregation Turns People Against People

The same theme is repeated throughout history; divide and conquer. Different names are used to confuse us: separation, setting apart, sorting out, isolation, quarantine, exclusion, protection, shielding, partitioning, division, apartheid, ghettos … all in the name of creating an adversary – and it works every time.

From his castle tower, the king saw his subjects waving their pitch forks and torches against him in anger. His aide said, “Do not worry, sire. We just have to tell the torch bearers that the pitch fork people want to take their torches away.” The result is that people police themselves – it only takes a minority to control the majority.

The object of war: How many can we kill?
Who kills people? Other people.

The aim is to kill the people whom we have been told are the enemy.
Who sits and watches?
Our rulers.

“United we stand, divided we fall”.
– Aesop, 620 – 564 BCE in Delphi, Greece

While we ignore our true nature,
we are divided from our common sense
and fight amongst ourselves,

When we know our true nature,
we can never be separated.

“But … but … they are bad people! They deserve what they get!!
An eye for an eye!”

That is our greatest misunderstanding.
An eye for an eye doesn’t mean we poke someone’s eye
because they poked our eye.

That is collective karma talking,
– and we will accrue the same karma.

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