Sadness Resulting From Joy

Sadness is empathy and compassion.
Knowing what is natural,
sadness – rather than anger – arises when something is amiss.

Human beings, although enlightened in essence, are a devious lot.
Devious: departing from the direct route. 

We have both a light side and dark side, a positive side and negative side; we also have a choice of which way we go.

The direct route is spontaneous clarity of pure consciousness
= we have arrived.

The indirect route is self-obsession that contaminates consciousness
= we go round in circles.

It is sad that people do not notice their true nature of unity in compassionate wisdom, preferring either to drift in states of vacancy or become self-absorbed in whatever they practise. If we are angry, we misdirect precious energy into division and confusion, when that very energy could be used to bring about understanding and harmony … if there are ears to hear 🙂

We are misdirected and misled from birth to ‘better ourselves’ and be competitive. Our outer manifestation of self is our dream state, and once we understand this dream state within ourselves, we understand others better. Instead of taking advantage, we can now prepare the ground, pave the way, lay the foundation … to better their understanding.

The moment clarity recognises confusion, wisdom dawns.
Empathetic sadness arises,
and life naturally turns for the better, the good.

The way in which we then manifest this understanding
will depend on our ability to empathise.

Sadness and joy both bring tears.

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