Why Is Pride A Sin?

‘Sin’ is anything that is detrimental to one’s wellbeing.

Pride is high self-admiration which obscures pure consciousness,
as opposed to humility
which is low self-admiration that allows pure consciousness to see clearly.

Pride is holding an exalted idea of ourself. We have a high opinion of our own importance, and manifest ego, becoming know-it-alls (there is also inverted pride, when ego manifests as exaggerated humility).

As pride is founded on an illusory self-image, it is the opposite of absolute truth which knows that the essence of every sentient being is pure consciousness. Pride is a precursor to narcissism.

Narcissism: Self-centredness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents, craving admiration, There is a failure to distinguish the self from external objects; it is a feature of a mental disorder, lacking empathy for others.

We are all narcissists when we are unaware of others’ true potential. Along our path of distractions to enlightenment, evil will find our weaknesses – our likes and dislikes. This is what divides us, and is how we become victims.

Don’t wander, don’t wander, place mindfulness on guard;
Along the road of distraction, Mara lies in ambush.
Mara is this mind, clinging to like and dislike,
So look into the essence of this magic, free from dualistic fixation.
Realise that your mind is unfabricated primal purity.
There is no buddha elsewhere; look at your own face.
There is nothing else to search for; rest in your own place.
Non-meditation is spontaneous perfection, so capture the royal seat.”
-Tsoknyi Rinpoche 1st

(Mara is demonic mind)

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