Life Is Levels Of Apprenticeship

Life is a series of levels of apprenticeship;
in this way, we are always beginners.

“Zen mind, beginner mind.”
Dzogchen mind, beginner mind.
Maha Ati mind, beginner mind.
Pure consciousness mind, beginner mind.
God consciousness mind, beginner mind.

Life – and our mind’s reactions – is our teacher.
This teacher is always saying the same thing,
but our understanding and skill can expand.

It is pure consciousness that is the student,
learning that its true nature is perfectly free and happy.

This world – and our adopted mind – is our vessel traversing the ocean of samsara,
teaching us the craft and skill
in order to reach enlightenment and Buddha-ship.

Craft: Old English cræft ‘strength, skill’, originally in the expression small craft ‘small trading  vessels’, referring to vessels requiring a small amount of ‘craft’ or skill to handle, as opposed to large ocean-going ships.

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