Illuminati Mentality = Samsaric Gods

Become an expert in this and that, and miss the reality.

Illuminati: people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge.
In modern terms, this refers to those who, over millennia, have claimed superiority, believing they’re born to lead. This is not a new phenomenon.

‘Samsara’ is a Sanskrit word for the vicious cycle of existence; suffering perpetuated by desire, fear and ignorance resulting in our karma, our attitude. This is the ‘code’ of life that drives us, creating a mistaken self-identity.

‘Samsaric gods’ are people who have acquired special knowledge to acquire wealth and power, but who have become attached to this power, and think – religiously – that they are illumined, while fearing losing what they think they have. As we shall see, they too are enslaved by the same ‘code’.

Illuminati = ‘enlightened’ = the path of ‘us’ and ‘them’.
Dharma = enlightenment = the path that liberates all (without forgetting that religion can separate us).

In human history, there are two paths to follow: the ‘enlightened’ or the enlightened.
The ‘enlightened’ path wants to “keep it in the family”.
The enlightened path reveals that everyone can realise the potential of enlightenment.

For thousands of years, we have followed one of these two paths: we can know this when we understand the ‘code’. Both systems (paths) know this ‘code’, but one transcends it.

The Code

A code is, by definition, a secret. The code that keeps us going (round in circles) isn’t actually a secret, but is kept secret by self-interest. This code makes us run around like clockwork, obeying the mechanism by continually being wound-up! 😀

Being human – or any creature – we are encoded to survive, knowing what is beneficial and what is harmful. This basic instinct for physical survival goes deeper into our mental world, and can be recognised through the presence of desire and aversion (in animal terms, it’s called flight or fight). These are our primal instincts, but also our poisons – we become attached, obsessed, and addicted, turning into samsaric god-ettes 🙂

There is a third and fundamental code of ignorance. We don’t recognise the trouble we are in …

Thus, it is clear that we are controlled by fight, flight and freeze = like, dislike and ignorance. Even chickens know this!

Fixating on these three primordial instincts, we become enslaved. There are those who know this, and have known it for a very long time. If this is combined with a selfish attitude towards others, you might want to keep it a secret as well. This power brings great wealth, and wealth means more power and greater wealth. The trick is to get others to give you their wealth without them realising it. Are you looking at the world to see this in action?

The same code is also our salvation, however, and this has also been known for millennia. These negative aspects that drive us are the wisdoms to actual enlightenment – and this is the other part of the secret. There are subtle deceptions taking place that play with our minds, giving rise to inner conflict. We are only base humans because of our ignorance; we have the potential to be so much brighter than we are, and the ‘enlightened’ do not want us to know this. And nobody talks about it …

From a Buddhist perspective, the wisdoms corresponding to desire, aversion and ignorance are emptiness, cognisance and compassion (enter ‘the three wisdoms’ in the search box for details).

Knowing the code of life, would you want to keep it a secret?
Tempting, isn’t it?

Even Buddhists can think they have the secret.
The truth is that we are the secret.

The ‘enlightened’ – the great deceivers – cannot realise actual enlightenment as enlightenment is uncontaminated consciousness that has nothing to gain but compassion for all. The ‘enlightened’ have absolutely no empathy or compassion; they are the very definition of narcissism.

This is the secret story behind eternal good and evil.
Through inference, we can ascertain how evil works.

Those in the Samsaric god realm may be able to enjoy all the pleasures found on earth, but the pleasures of this realm lead to attachment and lack of true spiritual pursuit, and therefore become the path to hell. Having everything in the material world, they cannot share and fear losing it all, so they create illusions and deceptions to protect themselves.

Consider these examples of manipulation:
Create an illusion so vast, it escapes perception; those who see this are labelled fantasists.
Gradual deception prevents changes being seen as they occur.
Docile people never connect with their inner being.
Distracted people are never at one with each other.
Laws are created to limit innate freedom.
Promise earthly rewards and titles, but never the truth.
People will create their own prisons of self-delusion; never let them realise that they are enlightened.
Deception builds, generation by generation.
Let us ‘gods’ make people’s lives in the image of our choosing.
People must never know: let them believe instead so that they are divided through beliefs that are unprovable.

We have always followed a path,
but do we know which one?

Does everything seem right to you?

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  1. Fantastic Tony. Thank you! I learned a great deal about my own journey via reading Myth & Trauma by David Warner Mathisen and I’m enjoying learning from your perspective too.

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