How The Truth Becomes A Lie

The truth becomes a lie when our attention is manoeuvred or directed to some other truth, and we become distracted.

Politics and religion both teach us this lesson. We are encouraged to follow the form and wave flags, rather than realise what is actually taking place. This is a form of hypnosis. Deception has to have an element of truth for it to feel comfortable. A hypnotist diverts our attention away from one subject to another, making us do things through suggestion. We are susceptible because we’ either desperate to please, or we’re too busy being competitive to realise the truth that is taking place.

Between truth and lies, there is a grey area – and this happens more often than we might think. It is called ‘paltering’: the active use of selective, truthful statements in order to mislead = spin!

As a result of this behaviour, people become cynical, and mistrust. This mistrust is then used to categorise us and, in this way, we are divided without our consent. If we question, we become dis-believers.

So, next time you hear a fact that sounds odd,
or someone deflects a question,
be aware that what appears to be the truth
may either be a deception, or ignorance.

When we realise that the truth is our own conscience,
we are on unshakeable ground.

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