Programmed To Be Ignorant

Consciousness is the real power and wealth in the world,
but only a few know this.
The dark is self-obsession, while the light is selflessness.
In between, no one is bothered.

How many realise the essence of consciousness?
A handful.
Many know about the essence of consciousness, but that is just theory.

We are educated to be drones. Beliefs are placed in our subconscious when we’re young, creating a basis for our future mindset, which is then maintained by distractions throughout life. We are programmed to shop for things and ideas – but, buyer beware.

Everything we do or think is due to consciousness, but most ignore consciousness. Power is not in money; power is in knowledge. True wealth and power comes from understanding, seeing potential and opportunity. The many only know this to a point (exoteric knowledge), while the few know it completely (esoteric knowledge). The esoteric is direct seeing; direct knowingness of pure consciousness.

There are non-physical entities that exist in our mind, outside physical reality: these are gross, self-serving images within us all – ideas that were placed in our minds when we were young. Unfortunately, we use these beliefs to find ways to keep ourselves enslaved, so that we don’t have to reason for ourselves. Look back on your life: is there a system that you entered through unconscious consent?

Consider … what are Christmas and the Buddha’s birthday all about? 🙂 These – and other celebrations – keep us in poverty by diverting our attention through a mass public display, when such an occasion should be spent in quiet contemplation.

We have been programmed
– on a ‘biblical’ scale –
to accept certain mindsets.

If you recognise this,
you have always known it
– but have ignored it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anything you do not know, will be used against you.


  2. captmccoy says:

    Really like this post

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