How Did We Become Confused?

In knowing how we became confused,
we can find our way back to our reality.

The opposite to knowing is not knowing
and understanding the implications of this is quite a shock.
We need this shock because it wakes us up.

Our reality is pure consciousness = the light of bliss = enlightenment.
This internal light of clarity shines on everything = awareness.

There came a moment (and it’s here right now) that consciousness became attracted to whatever the light shone upon. We fell for the glittering, and forgot that we are that light.

This is called ‘co-emergent ignorance’; the process of light, together with the shining, makes things visible, and causes attraction and forgetfulness. We then maintain this forgetfulness by becoming fascinated and artful in creating even more glitter in our own image; this is known as ‘conceptual ignorance’.

Thus, we are confused by totally forgetting the inner source of reality.
The practice is to find a practical method to repair this confusion.

And now for the practical joke …

We repair confusion by seeing the confusion.

It is the seeing that is the light,
and it’s always been present.
The light is never confused.
Whatever is seen is merely impermanent phenomena.

We are definitely free in the moment of just seeing.
Not complicated at all, is it?

Light shines on some thing,
we become attracted, and caught.

If we don’t hold on, we are free … !

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